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Agent okvip is one of the extremely hot professions recently. There’s no one who doesn’t like being in a position where you can both play entertaining games and earn money. Are you curious to know the conditions to become an agent as well as the values ​​you receive when becoming a partner of this alliance?

Why should we become a Okvip agent?

After more than 10 years of operation and becoming the largest online game provider in Asia, Okvip has a number of potential players. Even more special are the agents who have accompanied us in expanding the alliance.

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Extremely high income

Okvip Group has never spared money for the people who will work with them and especially they are always clear in each of their expenses. When you become a Okvip agent and do well, you will have a huge source of profit from the players they have introduced.

The important thing is that this commission is not fixed or fixed, but it is calculated based on the sales of those players. If you are a person with good marketing ability, this will be an extremely good opportunity to make money.

The Group always supports dealer development

Unlike other entertainment venues, Okvip always accompanies its agents. As long as you have the ability and want to strive, agent Okvip will be supported with everything from creating demos for marketing programs to advertising.

Professional account management function

Becoming an agent of Alliance Okvip is also when you open the door to working in a super professional environment. With this group’s account management system, you can track all information.

Same customer care agent Okvip

The Group understands that to develop sustainably, we must support each other. That’s why they always work with their agents to handle players’ problems.

They create conditions for players to contact them directly, helping agents take some of the burden off. It’s important to have plenty of channels for you to communicate. That is: online chat, phone, texting via messenger or email.

How to become a Okvip agent?

To be able to work at a large alliance like this, we certainly need to have a lot of experience and tips. In addition, even more important is enthusiasm at work. You can refer to the conditions below if you want to become an agent.

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18 and older

The Group requires those who wish to become Okvip agents to have citizenship and the ability to be responsible before the law. And according to Vietnamese government regulations, you must be 18 years old or older.

Full Documents Proving Identity

You must prepare complete registration documents and identification documents. This is a mandatory condition for everyone who wants to become an agent. Okvip needs it to confirm the identities of the players.

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Agent Okvip needs to have legal status

As a large corporation, of course the players here and the agents all need to have legal status. Specifically, you must determine whether to register as a business or an individual.
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This seemingly useless thing is extremely important. In this case, the agent needs to register a full tax code to legalize this position of this steel man/

Experienced in marketing and online games

To take on this position, of course you need to have extremely good abilities. Most especially is the marketing ability. In addition, Okvip agents must also have soft skills such as video editing, photography and most importantly, speaking skills.

To be able to call people to become agents, you must first show your strength and stability. People must see your success to want to live and work your way.

Guaranteed sales as a Okvip agent

The Group cannot stand by and watch when one of its agents fails to fulfill the set targets. At this time, they will definitely help. However, if after providing very good support, the agent still does not complete its KPI well, they will not be able to continue working together.

For an agent, sales and commissions are the most important things. That’s why if the selected people violate one of the terms of this corporation, they must leave.

Become one agent Okvip not difficult. The only difficult thing is how to increase recognition for long-standing game brands. If you feel confident in your abilities, you can register for the hotline at any time. We will share difficulties as well as faith together.

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