All the ways to play Long Phuong chess at Hi88

How to play Long Phuong chess Currently one of the “hot searches” at bookmaker Hi88. This game is extremely attractive, as long as you understand the rules and how to bet on the game, you can bring in huge amounts of winnings.

Introducing the Long Phuong flag at Hi88

Intellectual games like chess always attract players because of their desire to overcome new challenges. As a type of chess,Long Phuong also is no exception to this rule. playing Long Phuong chess as well as its tactical nature will bring you wonderful moments of entertainment.

The Long Phuong flag is also known as the Long Phuong flag. This is a game created by Long Nhat Duy Nguyen, a Vietnamese author. It is built based on the gameplay and rules of Shogi – a traditional form of Japanese chess.

Before releaseLong Phuong flag Officially as it is now, the author has conducted a trial release for 2 years. Then receive player feedback to adjust and improve in the most perfect way. Since then, the Long Phuong flag has attracted a large number of “regular customers”. At Hi88, this is one of the “hot hit” games, loved by many bettors.

How to play Long Phuong chess in detail from A – Z

The rules of the game are like hinges, when you understand the rules of the game, you will be able to connect your strategy with the challenges of betting. That is, knowing the rules of the game will help you offer the best moves. To play Long Phuong chess, you need to pay attention to the way the board is arranged, the rules of rotation, separation…

How to arrange the Long Phuong chess board

After the board has been arranged and all the chess pieces have been placed in the prescribed positions, the game can begin. However, you also need to understand how to arrange troops.

In How to play Long Phuong chess, the person holding the Orange piece will have the right to go first. Therefore, both players need to agree in advance to determine who holds the Orange piece.

After the agreement is completed, each person takes turns placing the two remaining Dragon and Phoenix pieces in the desired row. The person holding the Orange piece is ranked in row B. While the person holding the Blue piece is only ranked in row H.

The law of rotating the Dragon and Phoenix chess pieces

While playing, you can rotate the chess pieces at a 90-degree angle right in the standing position. All chess pieces can be rotated except King, Dragon and Phuong, which cannot be rotated no matter which square they are in.

Players will perform walking and rotating actions according to the image printed on the chessboard. The black box represents the starting position, the solid color box allows you to move 1 box in the specified direction, and the non-solid color box will allow you to move continuously many boxes in the specified direction until you encounter a blocker.

After moving pieces according to the color square rule, the player can rotate the pieces to create a rotating move. If the moving piece overlaps one’s own piece, it will form a team; If you overlap the enemy’s army, you will capture it. However, the King cannot create a team or be teamed.

The move and turn move action allows the player to move the entire team according to the move of the top piece and rotate the top piece to create a turn move. Players are not allowed to move on their own pieces, and if they move on an enemy piece, they will capture the piece.

The law of separating and releasing the dragon and phoenix chess pieces

Similar to team moves, splitting and rotating splits also depend on the way the top piece moves. Split rotation is created when the player rotates the pieces after splitting. Splitting pieces cannot overlap their own pieces, and to capture the opponent’s pieces, the player must move on top of those pieces.

About How to play Long Phuong chess, the player has the right to drop the piece, that is, drop the piece captured from the opponent into any empty square on the board or the square containing his pieces.

Finally, the game ends when one player can check the opponent’s King, and a winner is determined. If the board falls into the Pat position, where King is not in check and has no legal moves, then the game will end in a draw for both sides.

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Experience playing Long Phuong chess is easy to win

Experienced gamers have shared lessons learned from How to play Long Phuong chess to help newcomers gain more knowledge and improve their tactical abilities, increasing their chances of winning in future chess games. And below are some How to play Long Phuong chess easy to win:

Understand how to play Long Phuong chess

For longtime chess players, getting used to Long Phuong chess is simply a matter of adapting to some small changes. However, the most important thing is to clearly understand how to play. Mastering the rules, rules, and differences is the basis for players to become masters of chess games and be able to easily win.

Practice regularly

As mentioned, players can visit the Hi88 website to practice playing Long Phuong chess. Regular practice helps quickly improve chess playing skills, effectively apply the rules of the game and be able to handle some special situations in chess games. To become a master, this process cannot take place in a day or two but requires a longer period of time.

Build personal strategies

All board games require thinking, calculation and foresight into each move. To face difficult moves from opponents or control the game, players need to develop their own strategies to apply in each specific situation. Or they can learn from veteran players to draw lessons and apply them to their chess games.


The above is How to play Long Phuong chess detail. Hope you will quickly get used to it and grasp it.The ancients often said “commitment, examination, exam, painting”. What’s more interesting than when you can hone in on one of the four classic and noble subjects and earn money in your pocket? Wishing you happy and lucky moments at Hi88.

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