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How to play Tien Len Southern How is it being of interest to many bettors today? Unlike the game Tien Len in the North, which has many rules, the game in the South will be much simpler. That is also the reason why this genre has become more popular today. Let’s join New88 to learn in more detail how to play this card through the article below.

The rules in cPlaying to advance to the domainNam

This is understood is a type of card game played in the style of playing cards. When participating, players will try their best to get all the cards out first. New players, if it’s your first time playing Southern Tien Len, don’t be confused because you receive too many cards in one game. Please join us in reviewing the rules in How to play Tien Len Southern through the following instructions:

Ways To Begin the game move to the South

In MA game of Tien Len in the South, this game allows up to 4 people to play at the same time, the minimum number of people in the game to start playing will be 2. Like other forms of Tien Len, the game Tien Len Mien is currently also using a deck of 52 cards, each participating member will be dealt 13 cards.

Way To Operate card gameadvance in the South

With How to play Tien Len Southern Currently, in the first game, players have the right to play first if they own the smallest card, which is the 3 of spades. As for the following hands, the right to play first belongs to the player who finishes first. Next, the turn will rotate and cards will be played clockwise.

The first person to play a card will have the right to draw a card or a combination of their choice. But the players must then play cards of the same combination and of greater value, except in the case of blocking.

In How to play Tien Len Southern Then a round of cards ends when the remaining players have no more cards to block. The person who finishes that round of cards is also the one who starts a new round, and so on until a new player runs out of cards and wins.

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Learn the law to become pure white How to play Tien Len DomainNam

The rule of this game is that whoever runs out of cards first will win. However, there are also cases where absolute victory is achieved without a single card being played. This is a very special type of winning, the term in the game is called the white-to-white rule, which means winning naturally. In the rules of coming to white in the Southern Tien Len card game, there are often the following cases:

  • Any 6 pairs
  • Four precious pigs
  • Dragon Hall
  • 5 pairs of pine
  • Flower song

Learn the rules of cutting pigs in the Southern Tien Len game

In the game Southern Tien Len, there are 4 cards number 2 (pig). In How to play Tien Len Southern This is the card with the highest value in the game, but it is not without plans to suppress them. And pig cutting is such a term, it refers to the fact that players will combine special cards to block. Therefore, when a player owns the following combinations, please proceed to chop other players’ pigs:

  • 3 pairs of cards: A card combination consisting of 3 consecutive pairs of cards. This deck of cards can be used to chop 1 pig or 3 pairs of cards of smaller value.
  • Four of a Kind: A combination of 4 cards with the same value, this set will cut 1 card or 1 pair of pigs, any 3 pairs of pine or a set of four of a kind that has a value smaller than it.
  • 4 pairs of cards: It is understood as a card combination consisting of 4 consecutive pairs, used to cut 1 card or 1 pair of pigs, 3 pairs of cards or four of a kind.

Introduction qauthority to punishWhenPig rot andbag chop pigs

In How to play Tien Len Southern Currently, there are regulations to punish rotten pigs by cutting them. For example, in a game with a bet value of 10k, the penalty for rotten pig and chopped pig will be calculated with that value.

In case a player plays a pig card or a special suit but runs out of cards and then gets cut, the player will not be charged a fine. How to play Tien Len Southern Currently, there are still regulations on cutting overlap. For example, if player 1 plays a red pig that player 2 blocks with a set of 3 pine pairs and is blocked by the next player with a four of a kind. At this time, the second player will receive a triple penalty.

In the article above, we have given you detailed instructions How to play Tien Len Southern for you guys to refer to. Please read our next articles and immediately register for a playing account at New88 to have a wonderful playing experience!

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