Insta Pro Latest Version Download v10.45 (Anti Delete Message) 2024

Insta Pro Latest Version Download v10.45 (Anti Delete Message) 2024

Hello, everyone! If you’re on the lookout for the best Insta Mod for your Android devices, look no further than Insta Pro APK, crafted by the talented SamMods. Say goodbye to worries because we’ve got the all-new InstaPro, ready to take the lead in terms of features and performance compared to other Insta Mods. The developer has just dropped the latest version, built on the Play Store Base. Check it out!



Privacy is crucial in every app, and this version comes packed with some handy privacy features. Now you can keep messages from being marked as read in direct, hide your view of stories, and conceal your typing status in DMs.

Download Stories & Media

One of the most essential features is downloading. Simply hit the download button to save stories, images, and videos from feeds. You can also utilize additional options for a seamless downloading experience.

Save IGTV Videos

Save IGTV videos directly to your Android device storage.


Insta Pro (Instagram Pro) is completely ad-free, ensuring you won’t encounter any advertisements between your feed and stories.


It comes with support for Google and Yandex translation engines. You have the ability to translate comments and posts into English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish.

In-app browser

You have the option to choose whether you want to open any link in another browser.

Unfollowing tracker

A lot of people want to know who unfollowed them, and this option makes perfect sense in that scenario. With InstaPro, you can even check out the list of unfollowers.

App lock

You won’t require any other apps or tools anymore – simply use Insta Pro to secure your Instander Apk with a PIN code.

Follows You

Now you can easily identify who is following you with the ability to display the “FOLLOWS YOU” tag.

Shortcuts Features

You have the flexibility to turn on or off the double-tap to like features. Download media with just a triple tap. Zoom into a picture with a long tap. Disable the swipe gesture to open the camera and DM. Plus, now you can download your own story with music.

Mini features

You can now easily copy comments and users’ bios. Check if a user follows you by visiting their profile. Open links directly from comments. Enhance your Stories by listening to and adding music. Explore additional creativity by including music stickers in your Stories (availability may vary by country).


InstaPro stands out as an enhanced version of Instagram, offering users the opportunity to enjoy additional features on this widely-used social platform. Within the array of features provided by InstaPro, you’ll discover the ability to effortlessly download both videos and photos, eliminate bothersome ads, and utilize a slider bar for multimedia content, allowing you to skip ahead to a specific point and avoid watching an entire video.

Whenever you come across a post, be it an image or video, a simple tap allows you to download it swiftly. The downloaded content is automatically stored in the default location, though you have the option to customize it. Furthermore, subfolders are created based on the profile that posted the content, ensuring a more organized structure for all your downloads on the device.

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