Instructions on how to play the jackpot game to exchange huge prizes

If you love prize exchange games and want to find ways to receive lots of “huge” gifts, you definitely can’t miss exploding the jar. New88 instruct you how to play Jackpot game Accurate with simple steps.

Learn briefly about the prize exchange game

Jackpot game One of the attractive prize exchange games loved by many bettors. To easily win the game and receive many great gifts, you need to understand the concepts and some basic terms about the game in detail.

Concept of prize exchange game

The jackpot game is at the top of finding reward games by building a reward fund. When a player places a bet, a portion will be deducted from the bonus fund according to the correct ratio.

In case, you win the jackpot – Jackpot will receive all the prize money in the fund. For online explosive games, most bookmakers will rely on the same rules and add many other ways to play. This creates novelty and excitement for players when experiencing the game, as well as increasing the chance of winning bets.

At New88, slot games are methodically invested with an attractive and beautiful interface. Players can easily participate without any other conditions.

Some terms when playing games

To be able to play the jackpot game fluently, players must clearly understand some commonly used terms when playing the game as follows:

  • The word spin with the arrow symbol means to press to rotate.
  • The word Auto Spin – Autoplay has the function of rotating automatically
  • The symbol “+ / –” means you increase or decrease your bet for each spin.
  • The word “Total bet” is synonymous with the total bet for the spin.
  • The word “Total win” means “Total winnings for the spin”
  • The word “Menu” means a menu for selecting functions such as: Game information, settings and instructions.
  • The word “Free spin” means the spin is free of charge.
  • The word “Wild” is a symbol with a special meaning.
  • The word “Bonus” means a reward that is usually money or spins.

Instructions on how to play the slot game

Bettors who want to be sure of winning first need to check the network connection is stable. Next, the player logs into their game account and selects the slot game. Then, you follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: You choose to press the spin button and wait for the results to return when the machine stops. If the machine stops at any point, you will receive the corresponding prize according to the symbol at that point.
  • Step 2: To be a winner, you need at least 3 to 5 symbols in order and according to the rules of the game.
  • Step 3: Exploding the pot is similar to winning the lottery so this will also depend on your luck. Therefore, each time you participate, you will get a prize ticket for yourself.

Some important notes when playing the prize exchange game

Although the rules for playing the game of jackpot are very simple, to easily win and receive many great gifts, you need to clearly understand the following notes when playing:

  • You should research game halls carefully before playing.

This will help you better understand each playing hall’s methods and rules. Players should regularly practice and observe the spinning pot. This helps you guess correctly and have a higher chance of winning.

  • Need to calculate and manage bets well before participating.

According to the experience of many experts playing slot games, good management of initial capital is important. You will need to allocate cash flow well for each rotation. In case the spin has a high chance of winning, players should invest money there. If you feel unlucky and have bad spins, it’s best to limit your play. The important thing is that you should learn more experience from other experts.
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  • Know how to accurately grasp opportunities

For any betting game, you need to know how to seize good opportunities or use your luck to have a better ability to multiply capital. Therefore, when playing the jackpot game, you need to observe and learn about the golden hour and have the highest probability of popping the jackpot. According to the experience of many experts, nighttime is the time when pot explosions take place the most.

  • CNeed to correctly apply the skill of winning the big pot.

If you want to receive attractive gifts, you definitely need to spin the correct big pot. To do this, you need to practice every day and apply the correct technique of spinning the pot to be successful.

  • Determine a reasonable stopping point.

To spin the pot correctly, players need to determine the stopping point and need to have a specific game plan. According to experience, you should choose 2 stopping points as follows: stop playing when you achieve the desired profit, stop playing when you lose when you reach the set amount for each spin.


Jackpot game always one of the most popular online games. However, to have a chance to win big, you need to know how to play and understand important notes. Hopefully with that information New88 given will help players understand better and win big in the spins.

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