OKVIP Recruitment – High Salary Jobs with Good Compensation

OKVIP recruitment is currently expanding and providing hundreds of job positions with attractive salaries and high benefits. Let’s update information about the latest vacancies by the corporation in 2024 in the following shared content.

Benefits when becoming an employee at OKVIP

OKVIP employees have many benefits

OKVIP, a leading name in online entertainment in Asia, not only scores points with great entertainment experiences but also creates attractive job opportunities. Despite having a large staff with thousands of members and information OKVIP recruitment always fully updated.

After joining the official staff team at the corporation, you will enjoy special benefits and treatment according to the information. OKVIP recruitment:

  • Attractive salary: OKVIP is committed to providing a unique salary, with a 20% increase compared to other units in the same position. Outstanding employees can receive special bonuses.
  • Comprehensive insurance regime: Provides comprehensive insurance regime according to the provisions of the labor code, ensuring security and health care for employees.
  • Days off: Enjoy 4 days off/month, excluding weekends and holidays. Sickness, maternity, and filial leave are all given special attention.
  • Career development support: Employees are supported in skill development and in-depth professional training through free courses, workshops, and seminars.
  • Allowances: Based in Moc Bai, Vietnamese employees will receive free accommodation along with food allowances.

List of current OKVIP vacancies

OKVIP recruitment list

With the desire to expand the scale of operations and increase working efficiency, the group is expanding its human resources and team OKVIP recruitment for many different positions. This is an attractive job opportunity, helping people have a desirable source of income.

NSeo staff

Responsible for managing and bringing the company’s brand website to the first page of Google search results.

  • Working method: Online in Vietnam and Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: From 15 to 49 million VND/month.

LocationAds Marketing

Responsible for creating and implementing paid advertising campaigns on platforms to attract visits to the company’s website system.

  • Working method: Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: From 30 to 40 million VND/month.

StaffGraphic design

Responsible for designing images, publications, videos, landing pages, and website interfaces according to the requirements of other departments.

  • Working method: Online in Vietnam and Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: From 15 to 40 million VND/month.

HR Human Resources Position

Responsible for recruiting personnel according to the requirements of the company’s departments and managing working personnel information.

  • Working method: Online in Vietnam and Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: From 15 to 40 million VND/month.

Advertising Booking staff

Responsible for finding, contacting, negotiating and signing cooperation contracts with KOLs and Idols to carry out promotional campaigns.

  • Working method: Online in Vietnam and Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: From 15 to 49 million VND/month.

Web programmer

Responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the company’s website system. Closely link and coordinate with other departments to ensure the best working performance.
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  • Working method: Online in Vietnam and Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: From 20 to 50 million VND/month.

Sales man

Responsible for performing the work of finding customers, introducing services, and consulting customers to ensure their understanding and effective use.

  • Working method: Online in Vietnam and Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: From 15 to 49 million VND/month.

Brand Assistant position

Responsible for researching and building brand development strategies for the company as well as websites on the internet environment.

  • Working method: Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: 100 million VND/month

Content Seo staff

Responsible for producing content for the website and supporting search engine optimization (SEO) as requested by management.

  • Working method: Online in Vietnam – Offline in Cambodia.
  • Salary: 15 – 49 million VND/month.

Job application process at OKVIP

Application process for OKVIP positions

Below is how to quickly apply for a job at OKVIP after choosing a position OKVIP recruitment Fit.

Step 1: Complete your profile

First of all, candidates need to prepare a quality CV, providing complete information about themselves, professional qualifications and work experience. Taking care and investing in your CV will help attract the attention of the family OKVIP recruitment.

Step 2: First interview with the human resources department

Candidate profiles will be screened by the company, and suitable candidates will be contacted to participate in a preliminary interview. During this interview, candidates will have the opportunity to better understand the job and receive specific information from the human resources department.

Step 3: Direct interview with the leader

If they pass the first interview stage, the candidate will be selected to participate in a face-to-face interview with the department leader. During this session, candidates will be evaluated on their professional qualifications and work handling skills, led by the leader.

Step 4: Start a new journey at OKVIP

If evaluated and accepted, the candidate will receive instructions from the human resources department on the job acceptance process and prepare to embark on a new journey at OKVIP.

The content of the above article has provided information OKVIP recruitment with many different locations that have been updated to the latest. Quickly submit your application for the opportunity to join the professional team at OKVIP and experience a new journey with promising development opportunities. Wishing candidates success in their recruitment journey!

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