The most detailed and easy-to-understand way to calculate soccer betting money in 2024

Perhaps you have heard a lot about sports betting and want to try your luck in this field. But before we start, everyone needs to understand How to calculate soccer betting money to ensure that you do not lose money unjustly. If you still have questions about this issue, let’s find out through the information sharing article below 789BET .

Why do you need to know how to calculate soccer betting money?

How to calculate soccer betting money is something that many people are interested in when participating in this sports betting activity. And if you are a newbie, this is definitely the top priority to keep in mind.

First, to calculate this form, you need to determine how you bet. Now members can bet on match results, scores, number of goals, or even the referee’s red card. The decision will affect the amount of money received or lost.

Next, you need to learn about odds. This will help participants know the risk level and profit potential of each type of bet. These odds are usually determined by bookmakers, based on factors such as team strength, recent achievements or player division.

Once you have both of the above information, you just need to multiply the odds by the amount you want to bet. For example, if the odds are 1.5 and you want to bet 100k, you will receive 150k if you are right or lose 100k if you are wrong.

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General formula to calculate soccer bets

To determine the amount of money you receive when participating in sports betting, especially soccer. You need to know the basic formula as follows:

  • Winnings = Bet amount x Odds.
  • Bet loss = Amount bet.
  • Total money received = Winnings + Bet amount.

Summary of some popular betting bets

If you are a football lover, you are certainly no stranger to popular betting types such as Asian handicap, European handicap and over/under. With How to calculate soccer betting money Simple, effective, these are attractive styles that should not be missed.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap – A very popular and interesting type of betting. The special feature of this category is that you can choose from top or bottom door options. After that, members can easily calculate soccer betting money by multiplying the bet amount by the corresponding win or loss rate. Don’t hesitate any longer and join now to have the opportunity to experience the feeling of winning big.

European odds

Here, you just need to make a prediction about the final result of the match without worrying about the win or loss ratio. How to calculate soccer betting money It’s also very simple here, just multiply the bet amount by the corresponding winning rate and you’ve got the winning amount.

Instructions on how to calculate some popular bets

Over/under odds

The over/under bet will require players to predict the total number of goals in the match. If you think there will be more goals than the bookmaker offers, bet on “over”. In case there are expected to be few goals, bet on “under”. How to calculate soccer betting money Just multiply the bet amount by the corresponding win rate.

Tips for calculating money for soccer betting effectively

Let’s add a few effective “tricks” to become a boss on the playing field. Especially here How to calculate soccer betting money will be “revealed” in a special way.

Update rates continuously

Soccer betting odds are constantly changing based on many different factors such as the performance of the two teams, injury news, weather conditions and many other factors. Therefore, constantly updating the odds will help you get the best betting options.

At the same time, stay updated on the performance of the two teams, injury news and other factors such as weather conditions. Finally, focus on researching the history of confrontation between the teams, recent performance, the impact of key players and any other factors that can affect the match. This will help you have an overview to predict the match results accurately.

Capital Mangement

By setting a specific budget and sticking to it, this tip will help you avoid “bankruptcy” and increase your chances of winning. Remember, losing is also part of the game, just know how to control it without blaming too much luck.

Learn tips to increase your chances of winning

Keep calm

While betting on football, there will be stressful moments and unexpected surprises. However, don’t let excitement or anger demoralize you. Instead, try to stay calm and focus on the end goal.


The above article is all the information you need to know about How to calculate soccer betting money. By applying simple formulas and looking at the odds, you will be able to calculate how much you can win or lose.

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