What is a 1-ball match? Simple gameplay

For those of you who are passionate about football and sports betting 1 ball equal bet is no longer a strange term. This is a popular bet, loved by many brothers at bookmaker MB66 and participate in placing money. Together MB66 Find out in detail how to bet on 1 ball in the article below, easily apply and win big bets.

Learn about 1 ball odds

The 1-ball coin bet is one of the most popular Asian bets with the largest number of players on online betting platforms. For Asian bets, the 1-ball handicap is calculated like the 1/4 half-ball handicap (0.25)…

To put it simply, a 1-ball equal bet is a form where the bookmaker offers a bet with the team on the top and the other team on the bottom. When participating in the match, the team with the higher odds will accept 1 goal, which means the score between the two teams must be 2 goals or more apart to win. Because it is a 1-goal handicap, there is only win or lose, there is no case of breaking even.

Simple way to bet on 1 ball

To make the most accurate 1-ball bet, players must carefully consider factors such as the strength and form of the two teams. If the level is equal, choose the 1 ball bet. When choosing this bet, if you choose the upper team, the results will have 3 specific cases as follows:

  • Odds of the upper team winning: The upper team must win by 2 or more goals for the player to win. If they only win 1 goal, it is considered a loss. The underdog player will lose all their bets.
  • The score of both teams is tied. In this case, if you bet on the upper team, you will lose all your capital. If you bet on the lower team, you will win a huge reward.
  • The score of the upper team loses: If this situation occurs, no matter what the score is, the upper team will lose everything. The underdog team receives the entire bonus from the house.

Experience in playing 1-ball odds that is easy to win

Playing 1 ball handicap is simple, easy to win but the level of competition is extremely high, you have to pocket some of the experience of the experts to win:

Firmly grasp the rules of the game

For any bet, before participating, you must carefully learn the house’s rules and payout rates. With the 1-ball bet, the rules are simple and easy to understand, and rookies new to sports betting at bookmaker MB66 can easily apply. 

For each match, the bookmaker’s way of playing 1-ball odds will have some changes. Before investing capital in betting, you should spend 1-2 days to learn the rules. At the official MB66 sports interface, there will be a betting table that is continuously updated, you can update the scores and give your own experiences.

Keep calm

Regardless of any game or soccer betting, players must maintain a constant state of calm. Don’t get too carried away, it’s easy to sink deep into the spiral of borrowing and betting from which you can’t escape. Expert advice for those who are new to playing 1-ball odds is to always keep a cool head.
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When you have the best mentality, you will accurately predict the score, increase your chances of winning and eliminate all risks. Even if you unfortunately lose a bet or win big, players should not be too aggressive or subjective. Absolutely do not put all your betting capital into one match because the risk of losing it all is very high.

Priority is given to betting on the home team

Before joining the 1-ball coin bet, if the upper bet is the home team, you don’t need to think too much. If you take the upper bet, the winning rate is up to 80%. The home team will have many advantages in terms of field conditions, fans, and playing performance will be many times superior to the away team.

Analyze your opponents carefully

In case the team ranked higher is the away team, you should carefully consider external factors that can affect the match score. In addition to the advantage of home field, factors such as weather, fans, etc. also affect the performance of the two teams, different from initial predictions.

When finalizing the bet, you must continuously update match information about 15 minutes before the referee blows the whistle to start. This factor plays a key role, determining which team will have a higher chance of winning. Before choosing to bet on 1 ball, you should follow the news and find expert opinions on both teams.

After understanding the information and how to scan 1 match bet As shared by MB66 Bookmaker above, bettors can make suitable bets with a high chance of winning. Don’t forget to apply the experience of experts, flexibly change betting strategies to make huge profits right from the first games.

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