What is Draw No Bet? How to choose the right bet

Draw No Bet is one of the most popular types of soccer bets today. However, with its rarity and high requirements when choosing bets, many people are quite hesitant to play. So let’s find out together what kind of bet this is.

What is Draw No Bet?

This type of bet is also known by the names draw return bet, or equal ball bet. When playing Draw No Bet odds on 789BET Then everyone can receive their bet when the match result is a draw.

In fact, Draw No Bet is also quite popular in many sports sport other than basketball, volleyball… not just football. But it’s just that players love soccer, as well as the popularity of this sport, that many people often follow and assume that this bet is only played when betting on soccer.

Draw NoBet is a type of bet that reduces dangerous risks when betting. Instead of playing European and Asian odds, people have to choose the upper and lower bets, which is quite difficult to choose, especially when the real strength is not much different. However, having said that again, playing Draw No Bet is sometimes equally risky.

Draw No Bet betting rules

The way to play Draw No Bet is quite similar to the European 1 x 2 bet, which is the type of ball bet that people often hear about. When playing, people have the following betting options:

  • Home team (Home).
  • Away team (Away).

For example: In the match between the two teams Hibernians Paola FC and Flora Tllinn. If the player bets Hibernians Paola FC to win, the following situations may occur:

  • Hibernians Paola FC wins: Player wins enough money.
  • Flora Tallinn wins: The player loses all bets.
  • Two teams have a draw: The house returns the bet to the player.

With such a ratio, no matter how you bet, everyone can still ensure capital safety. Even when entering a tie, it is considered that everyone is playing for the experience, not a big deal.

Instructions on how to calculate Draw No Bet bets

To help everyone visualize more easily, we will take the following example, when starting to bet, everyone has 1 million VND in hand, proceed to bet on the next match.

As in the image of the match between Middlesbrough and Bournemouth, if you bet on Middlesbrough with the amount of 700,000 VND and the draw is 300,000 VND, then:

  • In case Middlesbrough wins: You win 650,000 x 2.6 = 1,820,000 => Profit 1,690,000 – 1,000,000 = 690,000 VND.
  • In case Bournemouth wins: Loss 1,000,000 VND.
  • In case the two teams have a draw: You win 350,000 x 3.1 = 1,085,000 => Profit 1,085,000 – 1,000,000 = 85,000 VND

That way, no matter what form you choose to play or how you bet, you will still have your own benefits, rather than losing your pocket. With this way of playing Draw No Bet, everyone is always the winner, minimizing the risk of loss in bets.

However, here you can see a very real thing, although the Draw NoBet bet is safe, in terms of profit, it is not very much. The profit margin from each game is quite low, so anyone who loves a bigger challenge, or wants to win a lot, can consider other bets.

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Experience in playing Draw No Bet effectively

Although it is said that Draw No Bet is an easy bet to play, there is not much risk. But that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be cautious. Because without careful preparation and betting options, instead of receiving small profits, people will gradually lose their bets.

And to be able to ensure the safety of your betting fund, as well as enjoy Draw NoBet effectively, let’s refer to the betting experiences below. These bets are compiled from experts in the betting gaming industry, so you can rest assured and trust them.

Choose a match with a difference between the teams

When playing Draw No Bet, people should choose matches with strong and weak teams. When you bet, you will bet on a strong team, ensuring a high chance of winning. With high odds, you can win more, but with low odds you can still win, so you don’t need to worry too much.

In case the strong team loses, the player will still win. And when a draw occurs, people can still have their bets refunded by the house.

Pay attention to external factors

Outside factors, although not directly related to the match, will still have a significant impact. And then the results will be directed in ways people do not expect. If the following cases appear, everyone should pay attention, check and re-analyze to choose the appropriate bet:

  • There is news that a player is injured, or there is news that a player is suspended.
  • When the coach is carded and cannot play, he should also pay attention. Because it may affect the team’s ability to compete and win.
  • The health and mental conditions of the players before going into battle.
  • Change in the starting lineup
  • Changes in soccer strategies of teams

If these factors do not have a wide and accurate source of information, it will be very difficult for people to give accurate factors for themselves. So make the most informed and appropriate decision possible.

Analyze the odds of many bookmakers

If you do not trust the current bookmaker, or want to increase your chances of winning, you can refer to the results of many different large and small bookmakers to compare. Each bookmaker has its own experts, but depending on their reputation, they can give the most suitable instructions. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with consulting Draw NoBet odds from many different bookmakers.

Multi-strategy play

People can not only place Draw No Bet bets but can also place other types of bets combined together. So even if one bet loses, but the remaining bets win, everyone won’t have to worry anymore.

Types of bets that people can consider combining:

  • Full-match Handicap betting.
  • Bet on the team to score first / not score / score last goal.
  • Betting on the player to score the first goal / score the last goal.

But to play a combination of bets, you must be equipped with diverse and extensive knowledge. Only then can you achieve the results you want. When playing, you can limit the confusion of bets and avoid making the wrong bet and regretting it.

With the above tips, everyone can participate in Draw NoBet betting with a wider perspective and a more intuitive view. At the same time, it also ensures that the betting process takes place professionally, with a greater probability of winning. Everyone should flexibly apply and combine the above tips, and experience more research to be able to stay safe when playing ball odds.

Above are shares about Draw No Bet as well as how to play and bet safely for those who love to bet on soccer. Hopefully we can bring useful shared content, and wish everyone a happy experience and valuable moments when playing this Draw No Bet.

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