How to play the lottery every day with 100% accuracy

How to know how to play the lottery and win every day? With the wishes of bettors, to meet the need to win quickly and win big. Today, Bookmaker New88 will guide players on how to play with the most accurate winning rate through each number.

Ways to play the lottery and win every day

Brothers in the industry often tell each other about the most accurate way to play the lottery every day, and share it a lot in the extreme sports community for fellow players to know. So what are the most effective ways? Let’s take a look at the following methods compiled by experts!

Relying on memory

Most veteran lottery experts choose to play lottery based on signs of bad memory. In particular, the experience of experienced professionals always proves effective beyond expectations. Newbies can still learn but be patient to achieve certain results.

However, silver remembers to show numbers with a high occurrence rate, thanks to which you can decide to choose the number to earn more income. So players with this method must carefully note down the sets that often appear together or this set of numbers is a sign for another set to appear in the next drawing.

Based on how to bridge numbers

This is a winning way to play the lottery every day that you can apply every day. Betting based on the numbered bridge applies to prizes with 4 or 5 digits. Accordingly, if the bettor sees the results in the form ABA or ABCA, the next day, bet on lots BC or AB – BA.

Besides, Participants can combine bets with Northern Lottery,or These are the popular types of bridge grafting recognized by experts:

  • Match the 2nd number of prize 4.2 with the last number of prize 4.4
  • Match the last number to solve 6.3 and the first number to solve 7
  • Match the 2nd number to solve 7.3 and the 3rd number to solve 6.2
  • Combine the last numbers of prizes 6 and 7 together

Based on special prize research

This way of playing is easy to use, players see the results of the previous day’s lottery special prize. Choose two adjacent numbers A – B to form a pair AB – BA to bet on the next day. This way of playing the lottery every day is often very popular among those new to lottery.

Based on the total of the special prize

Bettors will pay attention to the special results of the Northern lottery the previous day. Then add up all the prize numbers to get the total. Next, take into account the yin and yang numbers of the day and find the new balls and their numbers for you to play according to the 2-day frame.

Based on first prize

The way to win this lottery every day is to take the 3 numbers in the middle of the first prize in the lottery results, combine them into a pair of lottery balls to play for the next day. The occurrence rate of this type is relatively high. However, if you see the cycle slipping a few times, temporarily stop for a few days before trying again.

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Tips on how to play the lottery every day and be sure to win

For some brothers who have been fighting for a long time, it is certain that there must always be immutable plans, this is to not lose the bet and ensure the win rate is always high. So take a look at the experiences shared below to understand more deeply!

Know how to control capital

Capital is considered the first condition for players who want to start long-term participation. So, balance your capital between betting and monthly living expenses. Experts advise newcomers to visit the NEW88 homepage, this is the most reputable place in the area today, and also supports statistical analysis to increase your winning rate.

Know when to stop at the right time

Knowing how to play the lottery and win every day is an important factor, but you should not get too involved to the point where you get stuck in the betting game and have no way out. Bettors should have a clear plan and always be mentally ready to lose that day. Because the lottery is partly a matter of luck, you cannot always win absolutely.

In case the player loses 2 to 3 bets in a row during the day, temporarily stop before betting again. This helps stabilize your mind and prevent you from getting carried away with the game. Knowing the right time to stop is never wrong in extreme sports.

Have a strategy when playing

If betting is like a battle, then bet with a clear strategy. Set yourself goals that are appropriate to your abilities during your participation period. Be patient and wait for the opportunity to make the most accurate decision. Always make sure that it does not affect your daily life.


Through the above article, everyone can imagine how to play the lottery every day and win. Thereby helping you gain more in-depth knowledge in your upcoming experience journey at NEW88. Wishing players always good luck.

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