What is Sicbo? Strategy for Playing Sicbo to Become a Billionaire

What is Sicbo? How to play sicbo to soon become an undefeated player? With tips and strategies from experts New88 will help you realize your dreams.

What is Sicbo?

In the previous article we introduced it How to play Baccarat New88, today will introduce you how to play Sicbo. The diversity of betting games always brings countless interesting choices for bettors. Each betting game has its own characteristics and helps players find joy in it. If you are a lover of modern betting games mixed with a bit of tradition, then sicbo is the perfect choice. So what is the sicbo game?

The game sicbo has now become extremely familiar at every bookmaker and game portal in Vietnam. Especially at dealer New88 Currently, the game sicbo is also considered the most popular game and has the largest number of players today.

Accordingly, sicbo is an extremely familiar dice rolling game. Dice are also known as dice and they have become a folk game that is not strange to every Vietnamese person. Instead of having to play in person, now you can play sicbo online through mobile devices.

What is the form of Sicbo betting?

As for playing sicbo online, there will certainly be many differences compared to playing traditional sicbo. Specifically, in each sicbo game there will be 3 dice, each dice will have 6 symbolic faces with corresponding dots from 1 – 6. Sicbo games will start by shaking the dice.

The player will then have to bet based on the result of the total of 3 face-up dice. When playing sicbo online, you will have many specific betting options such as:

  • Bet on the under: The total of the 3 sides of the dice is from 4 to 10 points.
  • Bet on Over: The total of 3 dice is from 11 – 17 points.
  • Storm lottery: 3 dice have the same value.
  • Triple bet: Correctly predict the results of 3 dice.
  • Double bet: Predict whether out of 3 dice, 2 dice will have the same result or not.
  • Pair bet: Bet on a specific pair of numbers appearing on 2/3 of the dice.
  • Total bet: Bet on the total score of the 3 dice that are turned face up.
  • Single bet: Bet on which specific value will appear on the dice.

Players need to choose 1 bet to place a bet. If the dice are rolled, all your bets will be invalid. Therefore, you need to be careful to have fun properly and not break the rules.

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Strategy for playing sicbo unbeaten to become a master

When you understand What is sicbo? You will find this game is not difficult to play. However, to win big, you will definitely have to cultivate the following experiences, skills and special strategies:

Don’t choose a difficult bet, but choose an easy bet to place

If you are a rookie just learning what sicbo is and getting acquainted with the game, just choose the easy bet. Easy bets help you get used to the rhythm of the sicbo game while still minimizing losing bets. In each sicbo game you will have many different betting options.

But if you are new to the game, choose to bet on over or under. These are two betting options that help you easily participate in the fun and the winning rate will also be higher than choosing the other betting options. Choosing other bets will require a lot of calculation and your winning rate will not be high because you have little experience in playing.

Calculate in advance bets with high reward rates

Grasping all the knowledge about what sicbo is, you will see that there are bets with extremely high payout rates. This is a point that makes players extremely attracted and they often choose those bets to participate in sicbo betting. However, the higher the payout rate, the higher the difficulty and the lower the winning rate.

That’s why, when facing bets with high reward rates, you should consider carefully. Following these bets will put you in many difficulties and put you under pressure. Therefore, when playing sicbo, be proficient in normal bets to have enough experience to conquer difficult bets.

Continuously bet on a certain number (over or under)

The players and experts of sicbo bookmakers New88 often whispered about an extremely effective sicbo betting strategy. That is placing consecutive bets on a specific bet, which can be under or over. These two bets both have a 50/50 win rate. Therefore, placing consecutive bets on one door will also help you win more easily.

It can be seen that understanding what sicbo is is an important key to starting betting. The more you understand the game, the more proactive you will be in every situation and from there you will have your own calculations and strategies to become an undefeated player.

Sicbo has now become a top betting game attracting countless gamers to participate. For new gamers, they must understand what sicbo is as well as be fully equipped with strategies and tips. They will be an important luggage to help you gradually reach the peak of glory when playing sicbo.

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