Who Is Venture In Overwatch 2?

Who Is Venture In Overwatch 2?

Sloane Cameron, popularly known by their Hero alias, Venture, is Overwatch 2’s newest (40th, to be exact) hero. They were released in the newest update, Season 10: Venture Forth, and have a fresh new set of abilities for the player to get used to! And the best part? Overwatch 2 Venture is completely free! Meaning players don’t have to grind out ranked gameplay to be able to play them!

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Who Is Venture In Overwatch 2?

Venture was first teased at Blizzcon 2023. They are described as “eccentric” and “daring.” Overwatch 2 Venture is an archaeologist with an “unquenchable thirst for treasures and hidden secrets.” It is precisely because of these qualities that they use a Drill as their primary weapon.

To supplement, They are an active member of the Wayfinder Society and are usually involved in skirmishes between Overwatch and Talon.

What Are Venture’s Abilties In Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Venture is a DPS Hero, meaning they prefer to stay in the midst of battle through most of the game. Their set of abilities allows them to

  1. Reduce enemy healing.
  2. Burrow underground and emerge to deal damage.
  3. Produce Tectonic Shocks that travel along the ground and knock enemies.
  4. Fire projectiles that explode upon contact.
  5. Dash forward, pushing enemies back and dealing damage to them.

Overwatch 2 Venture’s main weapon is the “Smart Excavator,” which launches a seismic charge that bursts after travelling 16m. If it hits Venture or its enemies, this burst can cause them to knock back. This weapon can be replaced by Venture’s Ultimate, which instead fires AoE shots that travel along the ground.

Perhaps the most interesting ability in Overwatch 2 Venture’s arsenal, Burrow allows the character to go underground after a short cast time. While in this state, Venture is completely immune to damage. I.e., MOST negative status effects are removed when they Burrow underground.

Overwatch 2 Burrow can be used to escape intense gunfire and reposition the character to a better vantage point. The ability can also be used offensively, damaging opponents when Venture reemerges. Adding to that cake, Burrow will replenish Smart Excavator’s ammo, allowing them to pass by traps unopposed.

However, this ability is not all-reaching, as Overwatch 2 Venture can not traverse gaps, activate elevators (such as Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform), or even activate the ability when Mauga’s Cage Fight ability locks them in, or pass through abilities such as Mei’s Ice Wall or Lifeweaver’s Tree of Life.

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