What is a handicap bet? Learn now the 5 most effective tips for betting

What is a handicap bet? Nowadays, handicap betting is no longer strange to many players, but how to have a reasonable and effective strategy? Please refer to the article below from our Bookmaker NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP to better understand this type of bet and learn 5 tips for playing top-notch bets.

What is a handicap bet?

Handicap is a bet offered by the house to create balance between the upper team and the lower team. The handicap ratio will correspond to the number of handicap goals of the team that is rated higher.

Because this is the handicap number of goals of the upper team, the higher the handicap, the greater the difference in strength between the two teams. And vice versa, if the two teams have comparable strength or the difference is not too significant, the number of handicap goals will be less.

In a football match, what is a handicap bet? It will include two types of handicap bets and left handicap bets. The money handicap is offered first. When the two teams’ bets are too different, the house will consider switching to the left handicap. This will help the house balance the bets.

How to play handicap betting extremely standard

In soccer handicaps, the smallest handicap unit will be ¼. Players can rely on the handicap to make their predictions. Do you understand what handicap betting is and want to learn more about how to play? First of all, you need to know about the handicap levels at nNew88 online casino. It is different from the type of bet because many people mistakenly think that soccer handicaps are the type of bet.

What is the way to play handicap betting?

What is a handicap bet at the ball level? This is a draw bet. Players only need to choose the correct door of the winning team to win, regardless of the goal difference or score. The same ball bet will appear when the house thinks that the two teams playing are balanced, without too much difference in level.

  • Players who bet on the winning team will receive the full amount corresponding to the odds
  • The person who chooses the losing team will lose most of the bet amount.
  • If the two teams tie, you will get your bet back.

How to play half ball odds

This type of bet is written as ¼ or 0 – 0.5. This is a situation where there is no tie, only win or lose. In a situation where the two teams are tied, you will win half the bet or lose half the bet.

You already understand what a handicap bet is, but with a half-ball bet, the player will win if the correct team is chosen to win. If the match ends in a draw, the player who chooses the upper team will win half the money and the player who chose the lower team will lose half the money.

How to play the half-left handicap bet

The half-left handicap is 0.5. This is a bet where the house thinks that the upper team is stronger and will accept the lower team by 0.5 points. You will encounter this handicap a lot in bets on top European matches. This bet level also does not have a tie-break situation.

In case the handicap team wins the bet, you will win if you choose the handicap team and vice versa. In case two teams tie, you will lose all bets on choosing the handicap team and the person who chooses the handicapped team will win half the money.


How to calculate half-one handicap

What is a handicap bet when calculated according to the half-one level? You can understand this as a 0.75 or ¾ handicap and the way to play this type of bet is quite similar to the 0.5 handicap. But the only difference is that the upper team will handicap the lower team by ¾ left. If the player chooses the handicap team, you will win most of the bet if the difference is two goals or more.

In case the handicap team wins by 1 goal, you will win half the money. In case the handicapped team wins or the two teams draw, you will lose the bet. This means you will get all your money if the handicapped team wins or draws.

How to calculate 1 goal handicap

With a 1-goal handicap, the player will win a large amount of money if the favorite team wins by 2 goals or more. In case the upper team loses or draws, you will lose all your money. If the top team only wins with a difference of 1 goal, the two sides will tie the match.

5 tips for playing handicap betting extremely effectively

You need to clearly understand what handicap betting is, the types of handicaps, handicap levels, regulations, and calculation methods for each type. You can refer to reviews from experienced experts and experienced players. Some effective tips for playing handicap betting are as follows:

  • Choose the handicapped team when one of the two teams is a high-class team but must play away from home.
  • If you see both the odds and the betting odds decreasing or increasing, you should choose the other team.
  • In case the match has a handicap of 1 but drops to 0.75 and the odds increase, this can also be a trap bet and you should still choose the underdog.

Hopefully through the above article, you have a better understanding of what handicap betting is and how to calculate it correctly, and gain experience in playing handicapping to improve your winning efficiency.

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